Who We Are

is a Berlin based independent record label launched by a group of creative minds in 2013.The recent output has focused on Techno.


WWA 017

the catalogue number 017 is available at stores on the 12.12.2016. A preview is online on Soundcloud. Check it! Kai van Dongen „Welcome to my home“(WWA 017) is a 8 track mini album, featuring 4 original songs from Kai van Dongen and 4 powerfull remixes from Erly Tepshi, K.Tacere, Black Lake and Thomas Leyh.

next release

The next release is coming soon. The WWA 017 is from our new member, the south african based Kai van Dongen. Included remixes by Black Lake, K.Tacere, Erly Tepshi and Thomas Leyh.